The Sweet Gift of Kindness

A young boy went to his friends birthday party and joined in all the usual games kids enjoy at 6 years of age. It soon came time for the pinata and all the kids gathered around. There is something about paper mache and a big stick that all kids get very excited about.

The pinata was a success and lollies spilled out and kids made a mad dash to collect the scattered contents. Whilst many kids gathered hands full of lollies, the young boy only managed to collect one single lolly. Whilst grateful he scored his single lolly he watched as the other kids ran around showing off their hands full of treats.

Amid the excitement, the young boy saw another boy who was sad as he had missed out on gathering any lollies at all. The boy with the single lolly felt the other boys pain and walked over and gave him his lolly …the sweet gift of kindness.

The giving boy was my 5 year old son. Making my wife and I the proudest parents today. Good on-ya mate!

By Craig Thorne, March 1, 2014